Disney Film Project

This particular project is something that I’m really excited about. It offers me the chance to enjoy some of my favorite childhood films and experience some that I have never seen before. Not only that, but I am looking forward to learning a thing or two about storytelling from one of the best in the business: Disney.

UPDATE: The DFP is on HIATUS until October 7th

Rules of the Project

  • There is no set deadline for the completion of this project.
  • Each movie will be watched twice before beginning the next movie: the first time, just to enjoy it (especially those I’ve never seen before) and the second time, to actually focus and take notes.
  • For this project, I’m focusing on the story itself, including dialogue, character development, any subplots, how the story is presented, the speed at which it moves, if it slows down unnecessarily, etc.
  • At least one movie will be watched and posted a week.
  • The only movies excluded from this project will be any R-rated films (through Touchstone, Hollywood Pictures or otherwise)

IMPORTANT NOTE: This is not a spoiler-free zone, nor are any DFP posts that I create spoiler-free. Just givin’ you a heads up!

Thanks to D23, the Official Disney Fan Club for providing the list of films.

List of Movies (added as each post is completed)